GRK  2062 "Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology"

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Please download detailed regulations for the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC): TAC-regulations (pdf file, 156 kb) The TAC is part of the GRK2062 supervision concept.

Criteria for TAC-members:

TAC should consist of at least three expert scientists:

  • the direct supervisor
  • a PI of the GRK2062
  • a PI of the research field

To ensure a balanced TAC, ideally at least one TAC member should be external i.e. come from an institute other than the direct supervisor’s institute.
However, the board of examiners for the final oral thesis defense is assembled by the university department that will award the doctoral degree to a given student and may or may not be identical with the TAC.

The tasks of the TAC are:

  • to monitor progress of your work
  • to advise you regarding the development of your research project
  • to assist you in aspects of career planning and networking
  • to determine the time point when you are ready to write up your doctoral thesis

Students are expected to assemble their TAC in cooperation with their supervisor and to arrange a first meeting within six months after starting their studies. For the first meeting, students prepare a written research proposal to be discussed with the committee. The proposal also needs to be sent to the GRK2062 coordination office that monitors TAC reporting. Especially the following topics should be discussed within the initial meeting: scope, impact, feasibility and associated risks of the project. The doctoral researcher will give a 20 min presentation about her/his scientific achievements followed by a discussion about the results and programme. The TAC will certify the report and evaluate whether the obtained results suffice for the complementation of the PhD thesis or give advice about how to proceed. Follow up meetings should be organized by the students and should take place at least once a year. In total three to four TAC meetings over the time are expected. 

This form (word file, 1 MB) should be filled out at each TAC meeting and sent to the GRK2062 office.

Please note: GRK2062 doctoral students should attend at least three TAC meetings during their whole PhD (1.0 ECTS/meeting).