GRK  2062 "Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology"

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About us

Synthetic biology aims towards the de novo design and redesign of biological components and functional units to the creation of artificial cells. This discipline is characterized by innovative ideas, which require for scientific materialization high interdisciplinary collaborations.

It is expected that synthetic biological approaches accelerate scientific progress when it comes to understanding the complexity of individual cells, living organisms as well as entire ecosystems. A better understanding of biological processes is a prerequisite to decipher e.g., causes of diseases, methods to cure them or to operate biotechnological processes.

This Research Training Group (GRK2062) is training doctoral researchers in this new way of thinking and in their research approaches. The research projects range from synthetic cells, synthetic switches to synthetic proteins and cell-free synthetic systems. The GRK2062 will foster close collaborations between junior researchers from biology, chemistry and physics.

The qualification concept is based on a modern credit point-based education and support programme that combines mandatory and optional activities. Core elements are practical and theoretical methods courses to facilitate interdisciplinary projects. Students are able to individualize their curriculum according to their project requirements and personal needs.

We believe that this Research Training Group will address future challenges in natural sciences in research and in training of junior researchers.