GRK  2062 "Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology"

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Guest Seminars

We will win experts who have specialized in certain areas of synthetic biology for the guest seminar series. Since engineering is not a discipline at LMU, and no synthetic biology engineer is working at TUM, we will especially cover this research direction by inviting engineers for lectures.

Organisation of some seminars will be done by the GRK2062 Junior Reasearchers Committee. Funding is available.

Please note: GRK2062 doctoral students have to attend Guest Seminars generating a minimum of 3.0 ECTS (0.15 ECTS/seminar). Of course attendance of Guest Seminars organized by others is also creditable (e.g. at your institute).

GRK2062 PhD-students can download a list of attendance here. The filled out list has to be submitted to the GRK2062 office (e.g. once a year).