GRK  2062 "Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology"

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Introductory Lecture

The lecture series provides the doctoral researchers with the basic concepts and main research topics of synthetic biology and enables them to assess the utility of various methods for their own projects. The lecture series given by the PIs for the first time took place 2015, and it will be repeated in winter term 2018.

Please note: Attendance of the lecture series is compulsory for GRK2062 doctoral researchers (1.0 ECTS/lecture series).

 Next lecture series will take place in 2019!

Lecture series winter term 2018/19

Time: Mondays, 8-10 am, 6 times, starting on November 12, 2018
Biozentrum LMU, G00.031
Lecturer: Jürgen Lassak

12.11.2018 History and  basic concepts
19.11.2018 Foundation technologies / minimal cells and genomes
26.11.2018 Parts, devices and systems
10.12.2018 Orthogonality
17.12.2018 Advanced metabolic engineering and applied synthetic biology
07.01.2019 Genome editing


Lecture series summer term 2015

Time: Mondays, 10-12 am, 6 times, starting on June 1, 2015
Biozentrum LMU, G00.031
Lecturer: Thorsten Mascher

01.06.2015 History and term definition
Biological background of synthetic biology
Basic concepts in engineering
08.06.2015 Enabling technologies and foundations of synthetic biology
Minimal cells and minimal genomes
15.06.2015 Parts, devices, systems concept of synthetic biology
22.06.2015 Orthogonality
29.06.2015 Advanced metabolic engineering
06.07.2015 Applied synthetic biology