GRK  2062 "Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology"

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Travel Funds


Funding for conference participation, workshops and visits of collaboration partners

How to apply:

Before the event takes place write a 1-2 pages proposal including the following information:

  • Intention of your travel (conference, workshop, lab exchange)
  • Benefit for your research, relation to the scientific topic of the Research Training Group
  • In case of conference participation: abstract of poster or talk, confirmation of registration (not mandatory) 
  • Requested funding in detail (costs for flight/train, accommodation, registration fee etc.)
    Please note: Additonally GRK2062 will reimburse daily allowances according to travle expense accounting of the responsible authority.
  • CV
  • Submit your proposal to  GRK2062 office

Evaluation will be done by the Steering Committee